Finance Your Orders With Aztec Funding

When your business model focuses on finding presold goods, there is not always time to find the necessary funding. At Aztec Funding, we offer purchase order financing that allows you to keep doing what you do best and grow your business in the process. Here is a look at how this works.

Ways to Grow Your Market Share

When you do not need to worry about securing funding, you can handle larger orders and more clients. Your deliveries can be on time or faster when you have the right funding, too. With purchase order financing, you can grow your business without any equity sacrifices or bank debt.

Some Financing Basics

At Aztec Funding, we work with many different companies, including importers, exporters, wholesalers, resellers and distributors. We even look at businesses regardless of their current financial state. We may still be able to help if you run a startup, have low cash flow or lack much access to capital.

We Want To Hear From You

To find out more about our financing programs, contact our office today. An experienced financial advisor can answer your questions and get you started on an application. Financing your next purchase order with Aztec Funding is a fast and easy way to grow your business.