Use an Advance to Grow Your Business

To help small businesses weather fluctuating markets, Aztec Funding offers a merchant cash advance program that allows businesses to capitalize on their future transactions. This can greatly benefit businesses with fluctuating consumer activity, especially in seasonal markets. Here is how it works.

Loan Basics

Qualified businesses can earn up to $200,000 for each business location to use for common business costs, such as expansion, equipment and advertising. These funds arrive quickly with minimal paperwork on your part. We do not require collateral and you can receive this money with no loss of equity. There are no application fees or closing costs to deal with, either.

Payback Method

A merchant cash advance with Aztec Funding is easily paid back through your future credit card transactions. When your customers use a credit card, such as Discover, Visa or American Express, a small portion is deducted to pay off the advance. This means there are no fixed payments or monthly bills. This advance is especially ideal for businesses that have been rejected for funding elsewhere.

Find Out More Today

If you are worried about the next market downturn, try a merchant cash advance from Aztec Funding. We can answer any questions you have before starting the process so you can proceed with confidence. Qualified applicants can receive their funds within seven days.